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My order says it's still processing.

Our system will send you an automatic email once it's been shipped. If you haven't received an email it's because:

  • We haven't shipped
  • We have shipped, but your order got lost (it happens)
  • You entered the wrong email at check out
  • Our email was sent to your SPAM folder

The shipping status shows that a label has been created.

We print shipping labels when we put your order into the production queue. This helps to speed your order along when it's ready to ship. If we're shipping via USPS, it can take up to 72 hours for their website to show any information (we've even had instances when an order was delivered, but the tracking hadn't changed). If we're shipping with FedEx or UPS, it can take their system up to 24 hours to update with tracking information.

If it's been more than a few days since you expected your order to ship, some of the additional explanations could be:

  • We haven't shipped
  • We have shipped, but your order got lost (it happens)

Why is there a customs fee?

We ship to dozens of countries every year and each country has a different set of rules as it pertains to international shipments. The shipping fee that you pay to us does not include any customs, duties or carriage fees.

Where is my order?

Once your order ships, you'll receive an automatic email notification with a tracking link. If the tracking link takes you to a page that says "a label has not been created," trust us, it has been, but the shipping carrier hasn't updated their system yet.

Do you ship discreetly?

All of our shipments are sent in either manilla colored bubble mailers or brown corrugated boxes that have NO markings indicating that it's coming from Say It With A Condom.

Where do you ship from?

Almost all of our orders ship from either New Jersey or North Carolina.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to most countries in the world (except for Singapore, China, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, Italy, and most of South America). On our site, we offer shipping options from the USPS that can take anywhere from 3 - 15 days to be delivered (or longer sometimes). If you need a speedier delivery time, please inquire with us at, chat with us via LiveChat at the bottom of the screen or call us at 866-997-6542.

Who do you ship with?

We ship using USPS, FedEx and UPS.

My order arrived late.

There could be dozens of reasons for this:
  • Weather
  • We shipped late
  • National holiday
We do our best to ship all of our orders out on time and if we feel like yours might get delayed, we'll give you a ring and let you know what the options are.

How are shippings charges calculated?

They are calculated based on weight and shipping time.

Are your condoms FDA approved?

Yup. Every one of them!

Are your condoms trustworthy?

100%. We only use condoms made to FDA standards in ALL of our orders. Health Care organizations from Planned Parenthood to the World Health Organization rely on our condoms for their community. That should tell you something about our quality.

So you want a more detailed answer? Ok. Our condoms come from one of the world's largest factories in Thailand (they make many of the brands you're familiar with). They are made from latex, are lubricated and have a 5 year shelf life.

Bonus Answer: Most of the world's condoms come from either Thailand, Malaysia or India.

How long will your condoms last?

While being used? That's up to you. If they're still in their foil packaging, they'll stay fresh up to five years. Every one of our condoms is marked with an expiration date.

What type of lubricant do you use?

We use a FDA approved silicone oil.

Do you have flavored condoms?

Yes, we do! We have glycerin based chocolate, mint, banana and strawberry flavored condoms. The minimum order per flavor is 10,000 pieces. There is also an additional $0.04 per piece charge if you want to proceed with this option.

What's the size of your condoms?

Our condoms are one-size fits most. They're actually 52mm (just an FYI, Magnums and Kyngs are 54mm).

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Can I order a smaller quantity than what is listed?

The minimum quantity of each product is the smallest quantity that can be ordered.

  • Labels have a 50 piece minimum. White foils have a 10 piece minimum. Red, black and gold foils have a 500 piece minimum. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Wallets, matchbooks and trifolds have a 250 piece minimum
  • Our pre-designed foil condoms can be ordered 50 pieces at a time. To order them individually, please visit

Do you have non-profit discounts?

Great question! All of our pricing online is set with non-profits, community-based organizations, and schools in mind. We do whatever we can to keep our condom prices affordable for all clients.

Can you customize a brand name condom like a Trojan, Durex or Lifestyles?

Unfortunately, no. We can only customize our own stock condoms. We can insert a Trojan, Durex or any one of the other brand name condoms we offer in our Condom Wallet packaging. The minimum order must be 1,000 pieces and additional quantities must be in increments of 1,000 pieces.

Can we use our own condoms with your packaging?

We are happy to send you empty Wallets or Trifolds that you can put your own condoms in. This option is not possible for either our Custom Label Condoms, Custom Foil Condoms or Custom Matchbook Condoms. Our Condom Wallets can hold any brand of condom on the market (except the Female Condoms). We can not guarantee that all condoms will fit into the Trifold (Magnums and Kyng Condoms will not fit).

Do you accept PO's?

Yes we do. Please send an email to and one of our team members will respond within 12 hours (Monday - Friday).

How do I cancel an order?

Call us at 1-866-997-6542 and we can make adjustments within one hour of receiving your order. If you mistakenly approved a custom condom or custom promo order, please call us immediately at 1-866-997-6542. However, note that production may have already commenced on your approved custom condom or custom promo designs. Canceled orders received online or invoiced are subject to cancellation fees.

Are rush orders available?

Yup! For pre-designed condoms just select expedited shipping at checkout. For custom orders, there is an option during the checkout process for "rush production."You should also consider selecting some form of expedited shipping as production time does not include shipping transit time.

We also strongly advise giving us a call and letting us know when you need to have your order in hand.

How do I request a quote?

If you're looking for a custom condom, you'll find pricing for up to 10,000 pieces listed online. If you need a quote above that pricing, you can fill out the quote request form on the page of them item you would like to order.

I want to order more than 10,000 condoms. How do I do that?

No problemo, we ship large orders, 100,000 pieces and above just like an order of 50 pieces. It will take a little bit more time though. We would love to accommodate you! Please contact us at and one of our team members will contact you within 12 hours (Monday - Friday).

Why did I receive fewer or more condoms than I ordered?

It is our highest priority to deliver the exact quantity ordered. However, due to the manufacturing process, some orders can have a 3%-5% over-run or under-run. This is the same average when ordering any type of printed item, whether it's a flyer or a business card.

Why is there a setup fee?

A setup is the cost associated with the creation of a die, plate, or other fixture that is used in our printing process to print your artwork on our custom condom packaging options.

Since each item has a unique imprint area, and imprint methods vary from item to item, it’s necessary to create fixtures for imprints every time you order an item for the first time. Each new design requires another setup fee.

Condom Wallets, Condom Trifolds and Condoms Matchbooks have a one time $50.00 setup fee. If you place the same order with us anytime in the future and your design remains the same, this fee will be waived.

If you need us to do typesetting, graphic design work, etc, you can purchase an hour of graphic design time from us here:

Do you offer samples?

Definitely. You can order a sample of everything we do for a $1.00.

Can I receive a printed production sample of my design?

For each of our items, it's different:

  • Condom Wallets, Trifolds and Matchbooks:
    • There is a non-refundable $125.00 fee.
  • Condom Foils:
    • If we're printing on a red, black or gold foil, we'll send you a photo of the design before we go into production. If you want to receive a physical sample in the mail, there will be a $50.00 non-refundable fee.

Do you charge sales tax?

Nope. Never.

How long will it take for my order to be produced?

Depends on the product you're ordering:

  • Condom Wallets, Trifolds and Matchbooks: *5 - 7 business days after artwork has been approved
  • Condom Foils and Labels: *3- 5 business days after artwork has been approved
  • Our production facilities are on the East Coast and can be impacted by snowstorms during the winter and a hurricane during the summer. We hit 99.99% of our ship dates, but if Mother Nature comes knocking at our door, there may be a delay.
*Please note that production time does not include shipping transit time.

How do I place an order?

Just find the option you're looking to order, select your quantity and follow the steps to checkout.

Can I change my order after it's been placed?

If you're placing an order for our Custom Condoms, you can make any changes you would like before you've approved the proof. After you've approved the proof and we've entered production, we are not able to make any changes.

How can I make a payment?

We accept all credit cards online. If you need to send us a PO, we'll create a special account online for you to be able to place your order online. If you need to purchase via check, we can send you an invoice that has the option for you to pay online.

Please know that for international and large orders processed online, if you do not process your order with PayPal, we will refund your order and either send you a PayPal invoice or request that you checkout again and use PayPal as your payment method. We do this for a number of reasons, but mainly fraud prevention.

Why didn't my payment go through?

If you're getting a PayPal error, it's likely because:

  • Your billing and shipping don't match
  • Your bank suspects a fraudulent transaction
  • You've exceeded your credit line

There could be 25 additional reasons, but our site not working isn't one of them. Call us with any questions at 866-997-6542.

How will Say It With A Condom show up on my credit card statement?

It will show as SIWAC.

What types of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards. PO's. Checks. Money Orders.

How do I resell your services?

We work with distributors all over the world. Send us an email at and tell us about your business and one of our team members will get in touch within 24 hours Monday - Friday.

How can I sell Funny Condoms™ in my store?

We'd love for you carry Funny Condoms™ in your store. Visit our wholesale page and tell us about your business:

How do I prepare my artwork?

Our preferred formats are .png, .eps, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .jpg, .tif.

If using vector format, please make sure that all fonts are either converted to outlines or are included with your artwork to guarantee exact reproduction. If using a raster/bitmap file format, please send high resolution files (high resolution is defined as 300 dpi at the printed size).

Please feel free to give us a call if you have questions about a specific file format or product.

How do I upload my artwork?

You can typically upload all artwork at the end of the order process (click "choose file" under "Upload your artwork"). If for some reason your file is too large to upload, give us a call and we'll help you get your artwork to us. You can also email it to after you've placed your order.

Can you PMS color match?

If you're ordering one of our wallet, trifold or matchbook options, we'll print your artwork digitally under 20,000 pieces. We do our best to color match (haven't had an unsatisfied client yet). For wallet, matchbook and trifold orders over 20,000 pieces, we'll print your order on an offset press and will have the ability to color match.

If you're ordering our foil option, we use a proprietary printing process that comes pretty close to matching our clients colors. Again, we haven't had an unsatisfied client yet. If you'd like, we can provide a physical sample before processing an order. For orders over 15,000 pieces, we can PMS color match up to 4 colors, but there is a 6 - 8 week production cycle for the first order.

What file formats do you accept?

Our preferred formats are .png, .eps, .pdf, .ai, .psd, .jpg, .tif.

Can you design a condom for me?

Most of our clients prefer to design their own, but should you like some assistance, we do offer design services for $95/hour.

Can you print in multiple colors?

Absolutely! If it's printable, we can print it.

Will I receive a proof of my design before you print it?

We send proofs for Condom Trifolds, Wallets, Holders, other condom paper packaging, and all non-condom promo products within 48-72 hours. Custom condoms designed in our online Design Tool do not receive a proof, unless requested when placing the order.

Can I print on both sides?

For wallets, matchbooks, and trifolds, you sure can.

For foils, you'll need to place an order of 10,000 pieces or more and be patient as we will have to print your foils overseas and bring them back to our warehouse here in the US. Your first order will take 6 - 8 weeks and reorders will ship in just a few days. If you're interested in this process, please email us at and one of our team members will respond within 12 hours Monday - Friday.

Can you print on the latex?

Nope. We only print on the outer packaging. Also, we don't know who can do this or who would want to be on the receiving end of a condom that's been printed on. Think about it for a minute.

Do you have templates I can download?

Yep! Go to our Custom Condoms page and select the option you want to purchase. From there, you can find a template in PSD, AI and PDF form.

Can you print QR codes on condoms?

Yes, we can. Unfortunately, because condoms are not a flat surface, we can not guarantee that QR codes will scan when they are printed.


How can I work for your company?

You need to be super awesome! We're always looking for amazing people to join our team. Send us an email at

What's it like to work at Say It With A Condom?

Painful. You have to work in Miami Beach. We're literally a 4 1/2 minute walk to the beach.

Do you have free condoms?

We have almost free condoms, does that work? You can order one of our Sample Condom Packages for $1.00. You'll receive about a dozen samples of the condoms we've created for our clients.

Can I date Rachel, your online customer service agent?

Rachel is in a serious, long term, monogamous relationship. Should that change, we'll let you know.

Do you make donations?

We look at every request on a case by case basis. Please reach out to us at In your email, tell us about your campaign and who it benefits.

I've tried calling, but no one answers.

Uh oh... So, we answer the phones 8am - 6pm EST Monday - Friday. If it's a US holiday, we're likely not going to answer the phone. If that's the case, send us an email at and let us know what's going on. We do our best to answer emails within 12 hours, but we can't make any guarantees on holidays or over the weekend. We're only human.

What makes your products different from your competitors?

We could tell you that we use the finest latex in the world and that each one of our condom foils goes through a meticulous quality control process before being shipped (all of this is true by the way), but we don't want to bore you with details.

Here's what we'll tell you... When you order from Say It With A Condom, you receive a dedicated project manager who will assist you every step of the way with your order. We don't believe that we're ""just making a custom condom for you."" We believe that you're entrusting us with your brand and that it's up to us to deliver on the promises we made when you purchased from us.

I'm not happy with my order. What should I do?

Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority for us. We want you to be happy with your order! If for some reason you are not happy, please write us at and tell us about it. We'll get back to you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).

What's your return / exchange policy?

If Say It With A Condom screws things up, we will gladly offer you a refund on your purchase. We do, however, reserve the right to refuse any return for health and security reasons. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, shoot us an email at detailing the issues and we will try our best to work something out, assisting you in any way we can.